made to get it right
When you’re looking for contemporary menswear, what do you have in mind? You want a shirt that carries style, a suit that compliments your body shape, trousers that make you look right and feel right, along with a sophisticated tie, to compliment your entire style.

From designing to cutting to stitching, Wardrobe is known to create sophisticated gentlemen attire with a heritage dating more than 30 years back. The Master Tailors at Wardrobe have been trained in the finest details of precise measurements, perfect cuts, selecting choice fabrics, excellent workmanship and providing top notch customer services, through years of practice and experience.

Wardrobe is creating the art of master craftsmanship tailoring by taking classic fashion and giving it an edge of stylish touches. With that, Wardrobe fits executive men with the right confidence and right style whether at dinner dates, corporate luncheons, formal banquets or celebrative events.
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